Splifar is the first in the world to have developed WST for an automotive application. The open air system (no pressure applied) and dynamic patented soft tools allow Splifar to deal with the biggest automotive glasses available on the market.

Polyurethane Seals

operated under license from BASF, with Splifar’s proprietary improvements

The principle

Among many others WST present those advantages :
easy prototyping,
less breakage,
constant quality PUR,
from 1 to 3 sides.


This process is used to make technical sealing with or without insert.
Splifar has 3 encapsulation presses which are completely dedicated to the achievement of added value products in small or large amounts.

The principle

Some customers


Splifar has got 2 robots that allow to extrude the seals following the glass contours.

so many trust us as


The different added value operations

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