Splifar has 3 assembly lines to put add ons and seals on automative glasses.
These processes are trustworthy and fast.
A lot of controls take place during the glass progression.
Splifar Operators can make connectors welding,…

Degreasing and primairization

During this step, some areas are cleaned to permit the best
progress of the primairization. A primer is applied on the cleaned areas to promote the adhesion between the glass and the bracket that will be put on the glass later.


The primer can be dried in a natural way or with convection and ventilation systems. Splifar owns vertical and horizontal storage systems.

Gluing and control

A robot takes brackets and apply glue on it. After a control of this application, the robot places the add ons on the glass. A camera takes some pictures to check the brackets position. If all of the process is right, the glass can continue the progression to the last step.


The seals can be fixed on the glass manually or due to an assembly table.

We are expert in

soldering connectors, adding brackets and seals on different kind of windshields.

Splifar can also use
a stove that permit to accelerate polymerization of the  polyurethane adhesive. This can reduce the customer delay.

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