Research & Project Management

New automotive projects development as tiers 2 or even tiers 1 is commonly in application at Splifar. Specific applications like lead free soldering on windshields, automatics primers application and advanced technologies integration are developed.

WST for trucks
Volvo trucks windshield sealing thanks to WST development
WST Volvo Trucks
European research project
This research project tends to integrate advanced devices in laminated glasses like RFID identification and lightning.
Sunroof encapsulation
PUR encapsulation (RIM) for a very complex sunroof with four sides flush profiles, big dimension and high curvature
Windshield Volvo V316
Production of new windshields with more customer expectations.
Volvo V 316


With an available warehouse of 27.000 m², Splifar proposes to rent and manage storage area for its clients. Rules and sequences for automotive areas are well known in Splifar due to its experiences with many manufacturer like Toyota.


Splifar as recently acquired an automation company and propose those services to all fields of activities from steel industry to the automotive application. In addition to the automation services, we make some electrical cabinets.


From trucks windshields to lateral windows, Splifar makes the packaging (single or more) for any kind of glasses and in any configuration (filming, steel storages, wooden boxes,..).

Advanced Services
Advanced Services
Advanced Services


A specific facility is available for ARG (Automotive Replacement Glass) including debranding operations as many other services like quality control and packaging.

Below you can see the difference between a windshield with Mercedes brand and a treated one.

Control & Quality

Working with all glass manufacturers and for many automotive constructors, Splifar performs sorting activities and quality controls in a fully managed structure.

Sheet metal workshop

Splifar can make any kind of metal parts (stainless steel, aluminium, hastelloy…) with wide variety of surface treatments as tinning, galvanizing, painting, powdering,…Technical realization is ensured by ISO 9001 certification.
We are equipped with some assembly stations, metal press and punch to work as well as possible.


In this department, Splifar manufactures airtight aluminium cabinets allowing the placement of an electrical installation under the trains.
This department is divided into three parts:

  • Cutting
  • Folding
  • Mounting

Splifar assets

Splifar owns a complete equipment allowing:

  • Shearing
  • Folding
  • Numerically controlled punching


  1. Quality checks are carried out on the pieces upon their arrival.

  2. Pieces are punched if necessary (after precise programming of the machine).

  3. An operator deburrs the parts while another performs the folding operations.

  4. After these operations, each piece is assembled.
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