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Existing since the beginning of AVO Splifar has acquired a lot of experiences working for all glass manufacturers and car manufacturers like Volkswagen, Skoda, Volvo,…

so many trust us as


Part of Splintex since 1980 and acquired by the Recticel automotive group in 1985, Splifar took his name in 1995 during a joined venture between Splintex and FarInvest during the project development of the Golf 3 car set.

Located in the center of Europe in Fleurus (Belgium), Splifar sells its products in all Europe up to India and supplies automotive assembly lines all over Europe.

Having all activities linked to AVO operation under the same roof gives Splifar a lot of advantages and experiences to face any kind of problems. From the automotive connectors to the final packaging passing through encapsulation process, all operations are dealed professionaly by qualified technicians.

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